Newly updated!

The site is now Maldu free!


It has been a while since the last update, but never fear tele season will soon be here. FreeTheHeel.net plans to get a jump on the early season in the East and then head out west for a few sweet trips. More to come!

Free The Heel's Mission:

This website is dedicated to all you free-heelers out there that want honest objective reviews of all things Tele. The “Free The Heel Team” will visit many areas over the next season; we hope to see you out there doing what you love to do, Freeing The Heel...

Got a Radio?

You can reach us on the "freeheel frequency; 17-4".  Wherever we go, we will have a radio on...

Coming Soon:

Beginner Hill, A place where those that are new to the sport can go for great tips for learning

Last Year in Review: Where to start, POW, Cliffs woods, maybe even the bandits, whatever your favorite was, there will be plenty more to come!!!